Mission Statement

  • The Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council is dedicated to planning and implementing human resource development strategies to attract new entrants to aquaculture, fish harvesting and processing careers, and promoting competitiveness and higher quality standards for seafood products.

What do we do

  • Identify Human Resource concerns within the sectors
  • Seek out and propose solutions
  • Identify skill requirements
  • Share information related to national and provincial sector initiatives
  • Promote Professionalization
  • Identify Human Resource concerns within the sectors
  • Respond to referrals and inquiries from government, organizations/associations and individuals
  • Verify curriculum is current and conforms to industry standards
  • Verify instructor qualifications are current and conform to industry standards
  • Assist in the promotion of the fishing industry to the public school system
  • Develop a training culture which relates to sector conditions and needs
  • Research and development of industry supported projects
  • Communicate industry needs to public and private trainers
  • Promote the industry as a viable source of employment  

Major Program/Project Activities

  • Human Resource Needs Assessment of the Fishing Industry
  • Development of www.fishjobs.ca
  • Development of Essential Skills Modules
  • Quality Ground fish Handling Practices Training Tools
  • Quality Lobster Handling Practices Training Tools (see http://youtu.be/0QplN5QMxXo)
  • Professionalization coordinator for Scotia Fundy Regions
  • Development of a Leadership Program
  • Exploring issues around escalating worker’s compensation rates in the processing sector, find a solution to reduce rates
  • Career Pathways - Develop career awareness tools - presentation, brochures, video to be used in schools across N
  • Partner in A Study to Estimate the Economic Value of the Oceans Sector in Nova Scotia – 2005
  • Coordinated a group to review Transport Canada regulations in relation to training; certification for the harvesting sector.
  • North Atlantic Responsible Fishing Conference - conference secretariat
  • Development of a Safety Handbook - “Fish Safe”
  • Development work with NSCC - work as their Program Advisory Committee for all fishing related training in the province.
  • Regional Rep for National Seafood Sector Council in Nova Scotia
  • Making Money in Haddock - conference secretariat
  • Human Resource Requirements of the Harvesting & Processing Sectors in relation to an increase in Haddock
  • Atlantic Lobster Summit – conference secretariat
  • Southern Gulf Snow Crab Workshop – conference secretariat
  • Baseline study of Accidents and Injuries in the Harvesting and Aquaculture Sector.
  • Seafood Processing Safety Handbook
  • Fisheries Safety Association
  • Snow Crab Handling Practices Training Tools
  • Administration for – NS Fish Packers Association, Atlantic Fishing Industry Alliance, Grey Seal Research and Development Society 


In order to be effective in our projects the sector council has worked with a number of government (provincial/federal) departments, provincial and national sector councils, and individuals in the industry and/or industry associations

We feel that it is important to have buy in from the industry on our projects and to have them provide us direction.

The following is a list of partners we have worked with.

  • HRSDC/Service Canada
  • Fisheries and Oceans
  • Transport Canada
  • ACOA
  • National Literacy Secretariat
  • Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters
  • National Seafood Sector Council
  • Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance
  • Worker’s Compensation Board of Nova Scotia
  • Nova Scotia Community College
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Department of Environment and Labour
  • Department of Economic Development
  • Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation
  • Association of Industry Sector Councils
  • Various industry associations representing the harvesting, processing and aquaculture sectors  

Future Outlook

  • Communicate the capabilities of NSFSC to industry and stakeholders.
  • Continue consultation with industry to identify their human resource needs.
  • Have industry identify priorities.


Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council
38 B John Street,
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia B5A 3H2
Phone: (902) 742-6167  Fax: (902) 742-8391