Training Tools

Training Courses:

The following is a list of upcoming courses being offered by the Nova Scotia Community College School of Fisheries:



MBFA Yarmouth
MBFA Digby
MBFA Wedgeport
FMIV Shelburne
MED-DVS Shelburne
ROC-MC Yarmouth
MBFA Digby
SVOP Shelburne
MED-DVS Yarmouth
ROC-MC Shelburne
SEN-L Shelburne
ROC-MC Shelburne
MBFA Barrington
MED-DVS Liverpool
MBFA Yarmouth
MED-DVS Jeddore
SFA Liverpool
MBFA Digby
MED-DVS Pictou
MAFA Yarmouth
FMIV Digby
FMIV Yarmouth
MBFA Barrington

For more information on First Aid courses please contact
Sandra Doucet @ 902-742-7521 or email


Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council
38 B John Street,
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia B5A 3H2
Phone: (902) 742-6167  Fax: (902) 742-8391