Attracting and retaining workers in Nova Scotia’s primary industries has been increasingly challenging. The fact that the vast majority of these jobs are located in rural areas compounds the problem in light of the shift in population density to more urban centres. The NSFSC has worked to develop programming that has reflected the fisheries sector’s need to attract new entrants to the industry while retaining the workforce that exists.

Current Projects:

  • – your source for information on careers, training and employment opportunities
  • HR Project Officer – working directly with seafood processing companies in their efforts to improve attraction and retention of labour
  • Offshore Fishing HR Working Group – initiate a program that would work with employers to determine barriers and implement tools to help address those challenges
  • Team Seafood NS Bursary Program – addresses labour market challenges in NS communities by increasing the recruitment of students as employees

Past Projects:    

  • Workforce Forum for Seafood Processing sector
  • Career Pathways – Development of career awareness tools – presentation, brochures, video to be used in schools across NS

If you would like further information on these projects/activities, feel free to contact us at [email protected].