The NSFSC has become a leader in human resource development in the fishing industry in Nova Scotia. Responding to what industry identifies as critical, the NSFSC works to develop better human resource planning to help support labour and demographic challenges.

The following is a list of projects we are working on to improve HR Planning:

Current Projects:

  • Ad hoc Labour Committee for Seafood Processing
  • Ad hoc Labour Committee for Aquaculture
  • Labour Market Information Dashboards for Harvesting, Seafood Processing and Aquaculture
  • HR Workbook
  • HR Toolkit for Seafood Processing
  • Development of a chart of Programs/Services to support small/medium size businesses

Past Projects:

  • Human Resource Needs Assessment of the Fishing Industry
  • Partner in A Study to Estimate the Economic Value of the Oceans Sector in Nova Scotia – 2005
  • Regional Rep for National Seafood Sector Council in Nova Scotia
  • Making Money in Haddock  – conference secretariat
  • Human Resource Requirements of the Harvesting & Processing Sectors in relation to an increase in Haddock
  • Atlantic Lobster Summit – conference secretariat
  • Southern Gulf Snow Crab Workshop – conference secretariat
  • North Atlantic Responsible Fishing Conference – conference secretariat
  • Development of a Labour Situational Analysis for the seafood processing industry
  • Development of a Labour Situational Analysis for the aquaculture sector

If you would like further information on these projects/activities, feel free to contact us at